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  1. ROOTS Recognising Cultural Heritage Opportunities for Tourism SMEs

  2. Leitrim Tourism Marketing Masterclass

    Supported by: LEO & Leitrim Tourism What a jammed packed with the amazing Leitrim tourism providers, everything from Adventure Tourism, Accommodation, Self Catering, Language Schools…

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  3. Empowerment through Enterprise

    Empowerment through Enterprise (ETE) will provide high quality innovative enterprise education to young migrant and minority ethnic women – helping them realise their full potential.…

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  4. Hosting our first KA1 Study Visit

    It was our great pleasure to host of very first Erasmus KA1 study visit recently. We welcomed Yalcin, Akif, Metin, Murat and Alp, 5 teachers/trainers…

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  5. First momentum mastermind a great success!

    Background to our [mastermind event series] This year has been a really special for us. Early in 2018, we took some time and thought long and…

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