Apprenticeship Alliances Project Launched in Brussels

Engaging SMEs in Apprenticeships Across Europe


Did you know that apprenticeships are now available in over 1,500 occupations across 170 industries, ranging from nuclear, fashion, trade, law, banking and defence. Apprenticeships are simply an alternative route into skilled employment.

Partners from 7 countries (Poland, Spain, Netherlands, Ireland, France, UK and Belgium) came together in Brussels to officially launch the much-anticipated Apprenticeships Alliances project. Momentum [Innovate+Educate) from Leitrim Village proudly flew the flag for Leitrim, Ireland. The partners who developed the project came from multiple target group representatives, including; Chamber of Commerce, a local authority, SME support and VET providers, and SMEs themselves. Launch guest speakers included; Ben Butters, Eurochambers Policy Director, Margaret Reilly, Owner Grand Designs Ireland and Liliane Volozinskis, Director for Social Affairs & Training Policy, UEAPME.

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Test Nearpod Embed

We love trialling new digital learning tools. This one Nearpod has us very excited, prepare to see more of it very soon!


We’re trialing some new tools we found as a result of our Modern project – try it and let us know you thoughts!

Enterprise in Interface Areas

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Many of our projects seek to push boundaries, challenge and adopt innovative approaches from across hte EU and further afield. One project that epitomises this appraoach is Enterprise in Interface areas (ENTER) http://www.enterproject.info/. 


Interface areas are increasingly common across European cities and urban areas and even much more locally where conflict is a present threat. The conflicts are generally ethnic,politically or religiously motivated and result in an increase in economic and social disadvantage for the people living in these interface areas.


The ENTER Project has been designed to counteract some of these problems by pioneering a toolkit to contribute to greater social inclusion and cohesion. This innovative toolkit will focus on the role of enterprise education and support to transform individual and community wellbeing in these interface areas. Our job is to write new training materials to make this happen.


Our partner colleagues Creative Spark in Louth held a really interesting Multipier Event recently to launch our Toolkit and focus on the challenges of starting a business as a ethnic individual. Click here to get a flavour of the day


In advance of the launch of our training materials next month, check out our EZINE


Teatime reading!

Sitting down for a quick cup of tea in Gleeson’s Townhouse, Roscommon yesterday evening, I was delighted to find a copy of the latest Roscommon Tourism Event Guide resting near by. Bright, vibrant and strongly branded, it’s always lovely to see the finished product in the flesh.

This year marks the second year of our involvement with Roscommon Tourism. We started working with them in early 2012 to develop their message and branding. We also facilitated a number of training programmes for them. Find out more about our work on the Roscommon Tourism Project here. To find out more about all there is to see and do in Roscommon – visit www.rosocmmon.ie