Mainstreaming Student Entrepreneurship

 Europe needs more entrepreneurial citizens: creative, confident individuals who innovate to solve problems and convert ideas into value across enterprises, organizations and the public sector. The concept of entrepreneurship as a key competence is well established as a Europe-wide need, as laid out in the Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan. However, innovative best practice is only recently emerging.

MASTER has been designed with a clear objective: increase the proportion of VET students acquiring an entrepreneurial mind-set and engaging in early stage entrepreneurial activity.

We will do this by raising awareness and improving the pedagogic capacities of VET policy makers and educators, and facilitating improved collaboration with other actors in the entrepreneurship ecosystem. As such, the operational objectives of the project are:

  • Develop a needs and opportunities analysis stating the case for an integrated, cross sector approach to student entrepreneurship education in the VET sectors.
  • Create 5 Regional Alliances to bring together 60+ stakeholders from VET, private and public sector to state the need and opportunities for student entrepreneurship in their particular region, map existing hard/soft entrepreneurship supports, learn from emerging best practice and devise individual and collective Regional Action Plans.
  • Jointly develop a Student Entrepreneurship Support Toolkit and pilot at least 10 innovative entrepreneurship support activities across 4 HEIs. (Eg. Business plan competitions, one stop shop, mentoring, apprenticeship style entrepreneur training etc.)
  • Widely disseminate project outputs and findings via a multilingual project website and comprehensive dissemination strategy.
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