Taste Leitrim Marketing Masterclass

Your business is offering great food and perfect customer service but there is still lot of empty tables during dinner time or not many food orders? If you are looking for new methods to attract customers, then you are at the right place.

The landscape of restaurant and food business owners has been radically transformed by the advent of digital technology. No longer can they depend on the traditional word of mouth to market their businesses. Considering the fierce competition and about 60% failure rate of restaurant business, it is vital that you get your marketing strategy not just right but top notch. While some of these are getting it right, majority are struggling to get their marketing strategy on track.

At the Taste Leitrim Marketing Masterclass, the content is either free or affordable and can be done in the comfort of your own home. Learn how to save time and financial resources by taking advantage of digital media and mobile technology. You will get everything you need to deliver an effective Marketing Campaign and Social Media Strategy. Learn what you need to know with easy to follow checklists and step by step instructions. Some topics that will be covered;


  • Effective marketing that works and gets you on the map no matter where you are
  • Get your customers and community to be your ambassadors and best advertisers – they will be singing your name!
  • Increase your sales by infusing customer reviews into your Marketing Strategy
  • Get in front of 1000’s of potential customers and increase frequency of visits
  • Learn how to measure the effectiveness of your marketing
  • Engaging with your customers the way they want, find out where they are and how to connect with them
  • Relying on Facebook may not be the best foot forward in the future
  • Practical ways to implement the 7 Marketing P’s into your business
  • Era of food porn and social media platforms – watch the orders roll in!
  • An optimised website is the equivalent to having a restaurant or food shop in every part of the world – get ready to welcome new and repeat customers
  • How to get listed on national and local food apps. This is how customers are finding where to eat or buy their food from

Taste Leitrim Masterclass – Join Laura on May 30th

Apologies in advance, this may sound like an Oscar acceptance speech but delivering a Taste Leitrim Marketing event is something I am more than proud of!

First let me tell you about Taste Leitrim and its food heroes. This team are the bomb diggity, fact! They are part of the reason Leitrim is one of the happiest places to live in! The food businesses of Leitrim will tell you themselves in a more than a confident note that they are ‘A collective of happy people’, ‘We’re proud and passionate people about the business of food and hospitality and where we do it’, ‘We’re people people, we really care about our customers’. Why wouldn’t you want to be part of that!

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Game changing the Adventure Tourism Environment

Momentum invites you to join the Newly Launched Adventure Tourism Innovative Partnerships. The world is changing, fast! Technology from Interactive/Responsive Wearable Devices to Drones and Augmented Virtual Reality may not be familiar to our adventure businesses just yet – but they will be. They present huge opportunities to capture the imagination and spending power of wide audiences. But most of us struggle to understand how we can take advantage of this new dimension technology.  This is at the heart of our new project and we want to share it with you.

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Apprenticeships – SMEs will benefit from new EU Programme

This week sees Momentum travel to  Barcelona with project partners on www.apprenticeshipalliance.eu.Persistently high youth unemployment and the education-employment skills mismatch have spurred governments to undertake vocational education reform to increase the quantity and quality of dual system apprenticeships. In many countries, particularly Ireland, Poland, Netherlands and France this has generated an excess supply of apprenticeship seekers over employer demand. Letterkenny Institute of Technology is involved in an exciting European project Apprenticeship Alliances to develop supports for SMEs, especially small and micro enterprise, to become apprentice employers.

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Call out to all local food producers and growers in County Leitrim!

Local food businesses, primary producers or suppliers based in County Leitrim, we are delighted to announce that we are working on the first ever Leitrim Food Directory and Sourcing Guide and we would love you to apply to be included. The Leitrim Food Directory and Sourcing Guide is a Taste Leitrim initiative from Leitrim Local Enterprise Office and Leitrim County Council which will help connect restaurants and the retail sector with our local artisan food and drink producers and the wealth of wonderful produce on our doorstep in the county.

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