The VIP @ Work Erasmus Plus project has concluded

The Erasmus Plus project VIP@work has come to an end and we would like to update you on the project developments, since the last newsletter! As you might remember, VIP@work seeks to address youth unemployment and the education-employment skills mismatch by building the capacity of business support organisations to facilitate small businesses to become internship employers. During the last year of the VIP@work project, we have come a long way to create relevant and helpful materials, both for business support organisations and SMEs.

Read more on our final project newsletter.

Launch of the Empowerment Through Enterprise Learning Resources

We work on a multitude of educational projects, one of which is Empowerment Through Enterprise. This two-year Erasmus+ programme is nearing the end and we recently presented the educational resources developed as part of this project during a launch event. The main aim of the Empowerment Through Enterprise project is to promote the inclusion of young migrant women in entrepreneurship education in the European Union.

Several studies reveal that many women wish to engage in entrepreneurship, however, there remains a gap between those who intend to participate and those who take action to participate.

During the launch event, Sonia presented the Reach and Teach Toolkit, which was created to help education providers engage young women from migrant and minority backgrounds in entrepreneurial efforts by providing best practices for Reaching this demographic to inform them of the benefits of enterprise training and Teaching this demographic separately from or in conjunction with host country nationals. – https://www.eteproject.eu/learning-portal/reach-and-teach-catalogue/

She also told the audience about the Empowerment Through Enterprise curriculum and Classroom materials. These are specifically designed to be used by trainers in classroom scenarios to teach young women (18 – 30 years) from immigrant or ethnic minority backgrounds the entrepreneurial skillset.  – https://www.eteproject.eu/learning-portal/empowerment-through-enterprise-curriculum-and-classroom-course-materials/

The course encompasses learning outcomes, assessment guides and a pack of multimedia learning resources including PDFs and editable PowerPoints in English and French.

Also presented at the event was the Empowerment Through Enterprise online course, which is a learning resource that can be completed in a flexible way. – https://www.eteproject.eu/online-course/

The course has been developed to encourage, facilitate and provide high quality innovative enterprise education to young migrant and minority ethnic women – helping them realise their full potential.

Entrepreneurship skills can provide young women with a route to business creation, self-employment and financial empowerment; and entrepreneurial thinking encourages innovation and resilience in all spheres, personal and professional.

Check out the project website for the complete resources developed during the lifetime of this project. – http://www.eteproject.eu/

Adventure Tourism Ireland (AVIP) – Modules Ready for Industry Pilot Testing

Sligo Higher Institute of Technology, Monday 26th Nov, 6pm

Adventure Tourism Innovative Partnerships Project (AVIP)

HOT OFF THE PRESS FOR YOU!! AVIP has developed flexible modules that aim to enhance the capacity of Adventure Tourism businesses and students across Europe so they can adapt and meet the changing needs within the Adventure Tourism Industry.We asked you (businesses, education and students) what you needed last January and you told us. The content includes and addresses each business gap brought forward with supporting Business Case Studies and examples provided by Bulgaria, Scotland, Ireland, Estonia, and Denmark.

The Modules will be tested at the end of November to make sure we have got it right, changes will be made accordingly and they will be officially ready on the Adventure Tourism Innovative Partnerships website www.adventuretourism.eu early next year 2019. The dedicated website ensures the Modules are available and accessible to everyone who wishes to use them. This means you can download and use this resource at any time from the comfort of your own home or classroom.

BOOK by clicking on this link https://tinyurl.com/yaujnerw

Website: www.adventuretourism.eu

Facebook: www.facebook.com/adventuretourism.eu/

#adventuretourismeu #adventuretourismireland

ROOTS Recognising Cultural Heritage Opportunities for Tourism SMEs

Leitrim Tourism Marketing Masterclass

Supported by: LEO & Leitrim Tourism

What a jammed packed with the amazing Leitrim tourism providers, everything from Adventure Tourism, Accommodation, Self Catering, Language Schools and even new up and coming ventures. Its without doubt Leitrim’s tourism experience providers really do go over and beyond sprinkling those magic moments on tourist experiences. We all learned from each other and shared immense pride and motivation to make sure people know this is the ‘happiest place to live and visit in Ireland’.

Experience Development – Leitrim Style!

From Nuala McNulty lending her wellies to a guest and being thanked like she had just given her a pair of Louis Vuitton’s (had to look up that spelling) 😂 😂 (Tawnylust Lodge)

Visitors relaxing back looking up at the sky and doing a Yoga pose on a Stand Up Paddle Board…its not just a board its a Yoga Mat! (Leitrim Surf)

Key Learnings

Destination is King! Stunning Drone Footage Showcase of Lovely Leitrim (on Leitrim Observer today) stick this it on your website, cause Destination is King, change that tourist stopping off to a tourist not wanting to leave! That means everyone promote Leitrim as a Destination by working and partnering together.

Mobile Optimisation is Key! Google are filtering their search results based on websites that are optimised. If you want to be found get optimisied. Facebook and Instagram are not enough. They are like your moving promo advertising screen, your Website this is your shop, your social media should drive traffic to your website where conversions can happen

The visitor/tourist is King/Queen to the point we will deliver an unforgettable GUEST and Signature Experience. Its all about Customer Focused Marketing. It is not about your perception its always about the customers perception. They have the cash in their hand ready to give it to the best experience. If you have to get into the bed for a night and try it out for yourself, do it!!

Service Design is paramount especially being available and accessible and responsive 24/7 via Website & Facebook. All the various touch points your visitors embark on researching, booking, experiencing and post experience are vital. Make sure these touch points aren’t friction points. Get a trusted friend to go through booking with you and ask for honest feedback. If there are friction points, make a list and tick them off one by one.

Train your staff & provide them with the tools, information and experience they need. Start with a list of the Top 10 Things to Do in Leitrim. These are Leitrim’s Ambassadors. Give them the information they need so your visitors have the information they need to engage, stay, talk about you and return.

Take Home

It really is true what my Australian friends said when they came a few weeks ago. ‘When you leave Ireland you can’t help but be changed somehow, you can’t say goodbye but say to yourself and your new friends I can’t wait to come back’.

Thank you to the experience providers of Leitrim and Ireland – You Rock!!!

#leitrimtourism #leitrimhappiestplace


Presented by: Laura Magan, Tourism & European Projects Specialist, Momentum